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Eckhart Tolle


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Breathing meditation

Many people, who are new to meditation, are asking what’s the right way to meditate. There are numerous books on meditation that sometimes only confuse a person, new to the practice, even more, since the person doesn’t know how to … Continue reading

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Carl Jung

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.

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Article “Why I Left India (Again)”

Somehow my passion for healing and my passion for India go together hand-in-hand. I recommend reading this article to people who like India, to people who ever moved from one country to another and to people who don’t realize how … Continue reading

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Root chakra God Ganesha

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Bija Mantras for Chakras (with musical note)

For the first chakra chant “Lam, lam, lam, lam”, for the second chakra chant “Vam, vam, vam, vam”, etc. 1st (root): lam (C) 2nd (sacral): vam (D) 3rd (solar plexus): ram (E) 4th (heart): yam (F) 5th (throat): ham (G) … Continue reading

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Yoga poses to balance crown chakra (7th)

Awareness of body, witness consciousness, release attachment. Head stand: Meditation: Listen to your body. Practice with caution, especially if you have a health condition and/or are pregnant. Please consult your doctor and yoga instructor before practicing any of the exercises … Continue reading

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