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Grounding techniques. Part 3

Today I will quote a wonderful article on The Lower Triangle (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras). The author of the article suggests that “a healthy free circulating root chakra is one of the most important phases towards self mastery.” … Continue reading

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Grounding techniques. Part 2

Grounding techniques. Part 1 Grounding technique #3: Walk Go for a walk in nature. Walk barefoot, if you can (you can walk barefoot at home too). Imagine sending energy from your feet into the Earth and feel the energy from … Continue reading

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Random wisdom

When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.

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The Power Of Vulnerability

Brene Brown

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Grounding techniques. Part 1

If you are experiencing problems staying grounded or if your first (root) chakra is out of balance, you might benefit from some of the grounding techniques. Just to be on a safe side, try not to experiment with any meditations/practices … Continue reading

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Are You Addicted?

Are You Addicted? Excerpts: Many people in this world are living for and addicted to success. Success of looking good and being successful financially, materially, career wise etc. We are conditioned by society and the media that success is having … Continue reading

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Today I want to tell you about another form of meditation: vivation. I got particularly interested in the meditation, since it suggests using circular breathing. Andy Caponigro in his book “Miracle of Breath” is teaching how to reach relaxation through … Continue reading

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