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A Worry Hour

Elke Zuercher-White, Psychology Ph.D., suggests that people, who are prone to worries, have a dedicated hour to worry about things in their lives. Instead of worrying about every little thing throughout the day, set the worry aside, much like Scarlett … Continue reading

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Resolving past trauma through walking

Have you ever heard of EMDR? The EMDR method uses a device that is alternately stimulating your right and your left hand and at the same time a therapist is asking you to follow a moving object with your eyes. … Continue reading

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7 facts

I had been contacted by Olivia Slama that she had nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog” Award. Thank you, Olivia! Apparently, there are 5 steps to accepting this award. They are: 1) Link back to the blogger who nominated … Continue reading

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Are you running low on your creative juices? An artist Juliet Turback did an informational detoxification experiment. She didn’t watch any TV or read any books (articles) for a week to give her mind a break from an outside influence … Continue reading

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Do schools kill creativity?

Doing what you like is a very important key to success and to your state of balance. Do schools kill creativity? Not only is Sir Ken Robinson talking about serious things: how we educate (and unnecessarily medicate) our children, but … Continue reading

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Meditation to clear the Sacral (second) Chakra

A healthy sacral chakra will improve your bowel movements and increase your sex drive and your creativity. More importantly in terms of life mastery a strong sacral chakra will allow you to keep appointments and deadlines and reproduce positive activity … Continue reading

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Carl Jung

If you don’t want something in your life, stop actively fighting it. Ignore it.

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