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If there’s someone you can’t forgive

Source: I hate every cliché that exists about forgiveness. I know every adage, every piece of advice, every regularly endorsed opinion on the topic because I’ve scoured my way through the literature. I’ve read every blog post about letting go … Continue reading

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Meditation for Releasing Anger and Negativity

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Meditation for releasing childhood anger

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Root Chakra Overview

Source: Root Chakra – Muladhara Vitality, Courage and Self Confidence Insufficient: disconnection from the body lack of stamina poor focus and discipline chronic disorganization financial difficulty fearful, anxious, restless poor boundaries Excess: overeating and obesity sluggish and lazy rigid boundaries … Continue reading

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Mudras and Sounds for Chakras

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Mudras for Chakras

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Shielding Before Healing Sessions with Crystals

If you are new to crystals and are sensitive to their energies, you can shield yourself before using them for healing or any other high vibration purpose. I got these instructions from Cheryl Love: Have the intent, and ask Heavenly Father … Continue reading

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