And then I loved you

Reached out to you every chance that I got

I learned the spices to please you

In both the bed and the kitchen


And then I shared my food and my music with you

My light

My body at night


But then you left

Every time

You were busy

Too often


And then I got used to waiting

Got tired of waiting

Then stopped


On you


I started living my life

Hear birds sing

And that wind on my lips was delicious

People smiled at me

Talked to me



Men wanted me

And even though I didn’t want them back


I started living


My heart was beating so hard

And pumping my blood to my vessels

From the lungs breathing spring air

And I lived a full life

Without you

Then you wanted to share

Some thoughts


With me

But I did not care


I already lived my full life

Without you

I could not fit you in anymore

Among butterflies in my stomach

From somebody else’s smile.


About transition2balance

Transition2balance is looking at life from a different angle. Learn to balance your body, clear your heart from unwanted baggage and open your mind.
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