Left-hand traffic

A blank page. I start over typing. And over. So over.

It is flashing green.

Ah, what do you know? So much.

Tell. Show.

I don’t say this. Don’t go.

You don’t. Go. You fly.

I know the view.

Day and night. So mixed up.

Oceans, currencies, visas.

No time. Tmi.

Old music. Sun shining. Tall sky.

Foggy bridges. Your pictures of rain.

No reason to cry.

I don’t analyze this. I’ve never been able

to push over borders.

I just take it for what it is. What it was.

What it’ll never…

Drink that sweet wine and your bitter beer

For me. Like old times.

Will you?


About transition2balance

Transition2balance is looking at life from a different angle. Learn to balance your body, clear your heart from unwanted baggage and open your mind.
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