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Root Chakra Overview

Source: Root Chakra – Muladhara Vitality, Courage and Self Confidence Insufficient: disconnection from the body lack of stamina poor focus and discipline chronic disorganization financial difficulty fearful, anxious, restless poor boundaries Excess: overeating and obesity sluggish and lazy rigid boundaries … Continue reading

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Mudras and Sounds for Chakras

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Shielding Before Healing Sessions with Crystals

If you are new to crystals and are sensitive to their energies, you can shield yourself before using them for healing or any other high vibration purpose. I got these instructions from Cheryl Love: Have the intent, and ask Heavenly Father … Continue reading

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7 chakras

1. Earth chakra – it deals with survival, and is blocked by fear. 2. Water chakra – it deals with pleasure, and is blocked by guilt. 3. Fire chakra – it deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame. 4. … Continue reading

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Why it is important to ground yourself

The importance of feeling grounded cannot be overestimated. Here’s another wonderful article on balancing your first chakra: Circumstances that pull up our roots and cause a first chakra deficiency … include traveling, relocation, feeling fearful, and big changes in our … Continue reading

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Grounding techniques. Part 3

Today I will quote a wonderful article on The Lower Triangle (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras). The author of the article suggests that “a healthy free circulating root chakra is one of the most important phases towards self mastery.” … Continue reading

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Grounding techniques. Part 1

If you are experiencing problems staying grounded or if your first (root) chakra is out of balance, you might benefit from some of the grounding techniques. Just to be on a safe side, try not to experiment with any meditations/practices … Continue reading

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