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Anxiety Relief Meditation

I don’t like most guided meditations. This is the only one that works for my anxiety: Advertisements

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Calming Breathing

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Root Chakra Overview

Source: Root Chakra – Muladhara Vitality, Courage and Self Confidence Insufficient: disconnection from the body lack of stamina poor focus and discipline chronic disorganization financial difficulty fearful, anxious, restless poor boundaries Excess: overeating and obesity sluggish and lazy rigid boundaries … Continue reading

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Grounding for Empaths

Stand barefoot on the grass with arms out to the side. Lift one hand up and put the other hand down. Switch the hands. Repeat for about 20 minutes. You can also imagine doing it.

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Powerful Grounding Technique for New Times

Source: Feet flat on the Earth. Breathe into your feet: in through the nose out through the mouth. Feel the breathe in your feet. Keep breathing while being aware of breathing through your feet. The important part is to … Continue reading

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Grounding for PTSD

Source: As the name implies, grounding is a particular way of coping that is designed to “ground” you in the present moment. In doing so, you can retain your connection with the present moment and reduce the likelihood that … Continue reading

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Why it is important to ground yourself

The importance of feeling grounded cannot be overestimated. Here’s another wonderful article on balancing your first chakra: Circumstances that pull up our roots and cause a first chakra deficiency … include traveling, relocation, feeling fearful, and big changes in our … Continue reading

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