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Dr. Brené Brown writes in her book, Rising Strong: The Reckoning, The Rumble, The Revolution: “The opposite of recognizing that we’re feeling something is denying our emotions. The opposite of being curious is disengaging. <…> When we deny our stories and … Continue reading

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And then I loved you Reached out to you every chance that I got I learned the spices to please you In both the bed and the kitchen   And then I shared my food and my music with you … Continue reading

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If there’s someone you can’t forgive

Source: http://thoughtcatalog.com/heidi-priebe/2015/06/read-this-if-theres-someone-you-cant-forgive/ I hate every cliché that exists about forgiveness. I know every adage, every piece of advice, every regularly endorsed opinion on the topic because I’ve scoured my way through the literature. I’ve read every blog post about letting go … Continue reading

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Meditation for Releasing Anger and Negativity

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Meditation for releasing childhood anger

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